Lesbian Life Coaching
Start living the life you are dreaming about!

Life coaching is suitable for all areas of your life where you want to make a change or raise the bar. It can be directly related to life as a lesbian / bisexual or it can be related to bringing balance into your life, changing careers, getting fit, getting organized, having more fulfilling relationships, improving parenting skills, or just about anything!

As you coach, I can help you get started on a plan you already have in mind, or we can work together to help you get clear on what you want your life to look like.

Life passes by quickly.

A life well lived is a wonderfully fulfilling accomplishment and it is within your reach.

Coaching is not psychotherapy, counseling, mentoring, consulting or someone to do things on your behalf.

Coaching is a partnership in which the coach helps you to help yourself obtain the life you want.

Coaching is suitable for broad changes, such as:
  • I want to be more satisfied with my life
  • I want to change careers, but I don't know what I really want to do
to more specific goals, such as:
  • I want to stop thinking about doing ____, and actually start doing it
  • I want to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle

A quality coach is not there to tell you what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. They should be your guide in discovering your own answers.

I will guide you in identifying the obstacles that have stopped you in the past.

I will help you in developing strategies to eliminate the obstacles, and to turning your thoughts into action.

You must do the work to achieve the changes, as your coach, my job is to help keep you focused on your values and goals, to hold you accountable for results, and to help you learn to incorporate these skills in your life so the changes are sustainable.

A quality coach will help you overcome the barriers to your success by challenging you. A quality coach will ask you the hard questions, be truthful with you, and expect you to be accountable.

For most people, it takes about 3 months of working together to achieve a level of success and progress that can lead to significant lasting changes in their life. Some people start coaching with a pretty clear goal, or have personalities that allow them to gain what they need in less time. Everyone is different.

The level of commitment to outside exercises and activities, as well as attitude and readiness for change, has a significant impact on progress.

Lesbian Life Coaching Fees

Coaching sessions are held in person for those local to the Miami Valley and via phone for distance clients and are held weekly on a set schedule

4 (four) 45 minute sessions - 1 per week for 4 consecutive weeks $300
Ongoing coaching sessions include coach prepared assignments and exercises and two email exchanges per week.

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Introductory Session

For those that prefer to meet me in person first, and discuss coaching and explore the variety of programs and services I offer.

Introductory Session is 45 minutes long and is $40.

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All Fees are prepaid, non-refundable.

If you run into an issue during our coaching sessions, and need to delay future coaching sessions, we can make arrangements to bank the unused sessions for up to one year.